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You took me out to WINE-DINE-SIXTY-NINE ME [entries|friends|calendar]

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[08 Dec 2007|12:26am]
So... most epic night... ever? Hahahahaa.

So me, Lindz and Mike all went to the mall via shuttle to go Christmas shopping. So we head over to the mall at around 730 and walk around for a while making our random purchases. We have our fun times and laughs. Then we decide that it's time to leave. And we go to where the shuttle picks us up and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. Hahaha. So we decide... yeah. The shuttle's not coming.

What do we decide to do? We decide to walk. It's not that bad of a walk, right? And Mike, you know the way right?


So we begin our epic adventure by walking through the parking lot in order to get back to the street. We gaze at the fence which we for some reason find to be absolutely majestic. We go on a little trail, find some beautiful Christmas trees, laugh about dragging them all the way back to school, and then get onto the main road. We walk down the street and turn left and start walking down the road. We walk past the Merrit and then we realize. We have no idea where the fuck we are.

We laugh for a minute and then we get concerned. Uhh, how are we getting back to school? Then I find my phone which has GPS in it. I plug in shu's address and it gives us the street way to get back to school. And it tells us to turn around. And get on the Merrit. Lindsay's freaking out because of the cars and we're all walking through the snow and the leaves and sinking into the ground. It's so cold and we just want t navigate our way back to school.

So we then get onto the Merrit. We're walking alongside the highway and it's a bit scary being so close to the cars, and then we remember how all of us always laugh at the people that are doing exactly what we were doing. We see a sign for exit 47, Park Ave. Where our school is. 1 Mile. Okay, we can do this! We can get back :)

So this is when we start enjoying ourselves. We try to walk on the outside of the guardrail and run into all sorts of grass and brush and other random crap, all covered in snow and going now up to our mid calves. Battling our way through, we then decide to step back to the outside. Even though it's more dangerous, we decide it's better than battling through the underbrush. Hahaha. We're wandering, then, of course, burst into song! Build Me Up, Buttercup, All Star, Bohemian Rhaspsody, The National Anthem, Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades, 500 Miles and many more as we wandered. Until we go to the signs saying Park Ave 1/2 Mile and Park Ave Exit: Univ. of Bridgeport and Sacred Heart University. I wanted pictures in front to the signs but we didn't have a camera :(.

So then we found a mini trail that lead to what looked like a regular road right before Park Ave. So we decide to go through the little bit of woods to go through the hole we found in the fence. Mike leads the way.... and gets caught in a thorn bush. Haha. He detangles himself and holds back the bush for me and Lindsay. We go uphill to the fence, get on top of it and then jump over some more thorns, to get us to a road... which was a court. Only thing we could think 'Fuck me'. So I look at my GPS again and apparently they think our car magically jumped off the Merrit and onto this random court in the middle of nowhere. Amazing. Hahaha. So it gives us the directions to get to shu. Only 2 mins (driving) away. And we're near Old Town Road! A road that leads straight tooooo....PARK AVE! YAY! WE CAN GET BACK!

So then we start singing again. This time Soco Ameretto Lime. THE. PERFECT. SONG. At least for this event.

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So then we continue our walk towards Old Town Road, singing Blink 182. Get to Old Town singing more and laughing and just being crazy and running. Until finally.....


Omg, we're SOOOO effing happy when we finally get there. We start screaming and yelling about seeing North, and the rest of our campus. We take pictures with mike's camera phone and the snow with me and Lindz. We';re happy and dancing and continuing to sing and laugh. We almost start a dance battle with some random guys from Roncalli. Hahaha. Then we finally reach Roncalli... home.. at last. We go inside and go straigh to my room, relish the warmth and pee. All is wonderful. Next is fooding, then chilling in my room and watching Superbad while I write this epic entry :).

Amazing times with the mad chill shu kids <333.

[29 Nov 2007|05:14am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, I haven't updated in nearly forever, yet here I am.. at 5:14am, sitting in my friends room to make sure she lives through the night, bored as all fucking hell, so I decide to give this thing a whirl again.

I should probablly be doing something more productive. Maybe study or do some homework or something, but I can't leave the room and all I have in here is my key, my laptop, my cell, and my coffee to keep me up through the night. You see, tomorrow I have an 8am which I can't miss or else I'll fail that class. Originally I planned to go to bed at 10, which is percisely when I climed into bed with Mike, the new boyfriend. However, when we were still awake at 2:30 (talking and laughing I assure you), I realized the idea of me ever sleeping is absolutely ludicris.

So when Eddie and Paul come into my room and tell me Jackie's on the 1st floor in the bathroom throwing up, I immeaditaly stop talking to Mike and my roomie (her and her boy were in a big big fight), and I run downstairs in order to be there for her. One of her roommmates is down there already helping her out too, so that was a good thing. So I went back upstairs where Mike, Paul, and Eddie helped me put her mattress on the floor so that she wouldn't have to climb into bed. Then go back downstairs, help her get to the 5th floor (our floor).

We stay in the bathrom for a while and shes still throwing up. We do all the fun stuff, crackers, water, etc. Finally we get her back into her room and she dry heaves into the garbage pail for a while as me and Kristine try to take care of her. Eventually, Kristine wants to go to sleep so I tell her that I can't go to sleep anyway so I'll stay up in here with her. And that's how I got to this point.

I have biology lecture in about 2 and a half hours. I have no idea what to do until then.

So I think I've throughly fucked up this whole "college" thing. You know how some people aren't cut out for this? I think I'm one of them. I was just about failing nearly everything last time midterm grades were out... and that's fun. Hopefully I can pull everything together in this last run and make everything okay again. I feel like that's what i did in highschool, but the consequences for failure were so much less there. Like I never had fencing be a threat to be taken out of... it was always a given, now it feels like it's something that I have to earn.. which is very different.

Basically I think I've just been taking college as a social experiance rather than something academic which really has to end. I mean I feel like crap everyday that I know I've screwed up. Like I know already that if I take a nap tomorrow between classes, I'm not making my later classes, which can't happen. So instead I'm going to drink so much fucking caffiene that I'll shake and stay awake. I wish I had caffiene pills that I used to take whenever I pulled all nighters.

School's not all bad. Not even close to it. I've met the most wonderful people ever. I've been having insane amounts of fun and laughs and jokes and everything. I love everybody here. My roommate's hella quiet but amazing, and my neighbours are the best. Even though she's the one I'm taking care of. She'd do the same for me if I was drunk off my ass and pukeing. Fortunatally I haven't gotten quite that trashed yet. Though I came close one night. 4 bottles of Smirnoff between 5 people. Nothing was left in the morning. And my memory completely blanks out a good 4 hours of me (apparently) hysterically crying. I'm the worst drunk ever. Haha. But recently I've been able to control myself so much better than I had. I think I've found my happy limit.

Honestly, I haven't drank as much as I thought I might. Being sober's actually really awesome, haha. I mean I love when I'm just hanging out and spending time with people. I mean me and Mike practically live together. I feel so close to him, especially because we spend most of our days together, just hanging out anywhere and joking around. It's actually really awesome time :). He's such a sweet heart. Something really good for me, especially with getting over Scott. Scott was an amazing boyfriend and a great memory, but I finally accepted that I have to stop living in the past and wasting my time on a guy that just doens't want to be with me. It was getting pathetic. So finally I manned up and just decided to get over it. Which I feel like I've been doing exteremly successfully.

I'm almost out of coffee. This makes me sad.

I've become addicted to facebook and solitare. I can do either for hours. E-mail's the most important method of communication. I have amazing texting skills. All very important skills to have when you're here. I really do love the independance though.

Aww, Eddie and Paul just visited me. That was nice :). I'm really lonely. I think the best part about this entry is how sober and comtemplative I'm feeling. I haven't posted in moths and now I'm raping everyone's friends page. I doubt anyone's read to this point. I doubt that I would if I saw someone random posting. I'm fine with that though. I'm doing this more for me than anything. Cause I do miss my livejournal. I've had this thing for years. It's seen the many phases of Allison. Well Ally now. That's what everyone calls me. My coach mispells my name all the time as Allyson. It makes me laugh.

I feel like there's always so much drama going on. It's like highschool only I live here. Everytime I've been home for a weekend I feel like I've missed everything. It's fun though. It's like living in a small town. Everyone knows everyone else's shit, but I don't mind it as much as I thought I would. I was suprised.

I really have to go to the bathroom but I don't wanna leave the room :(.

Haha, my roomie finally went to sleep. I was talking to her via AIM. That's sad. Haha, quickest potty run ever.

So this has become almost completely pointless. I'm just writing on to give myself something to do. But I'll stop now I guess.



[03 Jul 2007|11:54pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I wish I could make sense out of nonsense.

Things happen everyday that I can't comprehend. How people can be so creul and ruthless. How people can hurt others the way that they do.

I've honestly made myself physically sick thinking about the details of today.

I just wish I could think of a reason.


[22 Apr 2007|09:46am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This weeeeeek

School happened. I hate Mondays. I'm always such a lazy bum. It's really ridiculous. Then I came home for a little bit and then went to work. I had 15 kids in my second class. 15 5-6 year olds >.<. Nutsssss. It was totally awesome. I looove big classes. Then I quickly went over to fencing where I fenced lots <3. I even fenced Glenn! I lost of course but still it was fun. I gave Glenn my weapon to fix and then left to come home. Pretty boring day, lol.

School, work, demo teaching. I think I went over to Scott's afterwards and we hung out for a bit. Yeah. I don't really remember.

School, work, hung out for a bit, sparred. <3. I totally got my ass handed to me but it was fun! Lmao. I love sparring. I blocked one of Troy's kicks and the stitching from my gi scratched my arm and I blocked his kick right into my hip XD. It was a learning experiance. Then I taught Callan some math, even though math sucks. Then went home!

School, home, went to Richie's grandma's wake, and that was really sad. I hate wakes because of how many people are so depressed and just trying to make small talk and ignore why they're actually there. I didn't really know anyone, so I just stayed with Richie and made sure that he was allright. Got out later then I expected too. Missed demo :(. Felt kinda bad about that. But then I went out with Scott for a bit. We saw The Reaping. It freaked me out, lmao. We went to some theatre and we were all alone XD. Creepy! But it was a pretty good movie. I liked the twist at the end.

School, home. Picked up Callan and Joe and went to karate for XMA. Ran practice because Troy was at a ProMAC seminar. I think it went really well. We worked on what we had and new individual parts using a bag for Troy. Me and Joe finished our fight scene and it looks amazing! It's pretty beastly. Then we all went over to Gymnastics. We broke off into 2 groups, the older kids and the younger kids. We worked on handstands, bridge kickovers, and front walk overs. I finally got my kickover <333333. I was pretty excitedddd! Lmao. And me and Callan talked to them afterwards and found out that they're actually really awesome and that we don't have to be afraid of them! And we might actually get them to sign up at karate with us. They seemed to really like the concept of sparring XD. It was super fun though <3. Then me and Callan picked up Scott and got chinese food <3. Yummmm. There were many crazy moments though. "Did you know that fruit is a plantn's swollen ovary?" :::people turn around and STARE at me:: ::we walk back to our table::. Oh gosh >.< Gooooood timesss. Then I drove over to Scott's house and we hung out there for a little bit. Then I drove Callan home and we made it just in time. Hell yeahh. Then I went home and slept <3.

Woke up at friggin 830 :(. Got ready and then picked up Manda and we went over to Mission to fence in the team qualifiers. I was fencing epee and sabre because Lisa needed another team member. So we get there, walk over to a bank so I can get monies, then register. we wait for a long time until we're called up and sabre's called first. So I get all of Lisa's sabre stuff on and go and fence. While I'm fencing sabre, epee is called. So I get to run back and forth from strip to strip. It was chaos. We lost in sabre :(, but then won in epee! It was 45-44 and I had the last bout. It was really stressful! Lmao, but I like the suspense. So then we fence the other team in epee and we're down by like 1 touch every round until the one before mine where Brianne brings us wayyy back up and we have 1 extra touch on them. So I go up and fence (cause I was anchoring again) and we win again! 45-44 again >.<. Haha, we were so happy though cause we really earned this win <3. So we get bagels, come back, fence in the open for sabre (we decided not to in epee so we could leave on a good note) and then fence in the open for sabre. We lose again, but this time not by as much. We wait for medals, then I drove Manda, Lisa, and Erica home. We all showered and whatnot then met back up at 7 to go bowling. It was me, Brianne, Mike, Lisa, and Erica, but Tim showed up fr a bit as well. We bowled a game (I blew :() and then they all decided that they wanted to bowl another game, but I had to leave early because I had to drive Scott home from monkeyhead. So I gave them my money and left to go get Scott. I pick him up and we drive over to his house. We hang out there for a bit and then we both fall alseep. Regardless of the alarms I set for 1130, I wake up at 1153. My curfew's 12 XD. So I say goodbye and then drive home, and get there 20 mins late. Luckily everyone was alseep. Yay! Haha. That had the potential to be really really bad.

So yeah, <3. Fun stuff.


[15 Apr 2007|11:48pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Soo life recently, eh?

Well on Monday I went to go visit Scott a last time before our break was over and I had to go back to school. I went to his house, we hung out, then when it was time for me to leave, as I'm backing out my tire explodes. I mean just poof! and then my steering went crazy and I got out to look and yeah. My tire was basically gone :(. So I go back inside and Taylor comes out with me and we spend 2 hours trying to fix my tire. My spare in the back is stuck in because of the bolt being rusted stuck and the threads not lining up properly. So we fight with it and try every other idea that we could come up with, but to no avail. Eventually, we gave up and Taylor gave me a ride home. I got home at 1 am. :(. And I was carless.

Then Tuesday comes. I call Joe and leave him a strange rambly message that I can't pick him up, then my mom drives me to school. I go through my day and then leave a period early to go and get Jessie (my car) and still make it to work on time. We call our auto club as we're driving there and they tell us an hour. We say okay. Sucks, but okay, then drive over to Scotts house. We proceed to wait 2 and a half fucking hours for these people to show up and when no one did, I called Scott who told me to go inside and wake up Eugene and Dave and have them help us. I felt awful, but I did so anyway. So they got up, got dressed and then came outside. They fought a little bit with my spare then got a grinding tool to simply cut the bolt off. That worked. Then FINALLY the guy showed up and he looked more like he was there to steal my car then fix it but whatever. So we let him do the rest. Then me and my mom drive over to a tire place and get all my tires replaced cause they all sucked. Then I drove to work, and came in 2 hours late (I have periodically called my boss). But it still really blew. I was just glad to have Jessie back. Then I taught a class, then demo with Troy, then I knew that Sensei Cathy ( a special guest instructor) was going to be there, but I was in such a shitty mood that I just couldn't take the class. So I went home. Yay.

Then Wednesday. School happened. Then I came home, then went to work. Taught, had a little break in which I did math homework, then took Sensei Cathy's class. It was really really good even though it was 2 hours and made my legs feel like jell-o. I really liked being pushed though.

Thursday. School, came home, slept, went to demo, took another Sensei Cathy class. The class made me realize that I really need to work on my form. I didn't realize how crappy it was XD.

Friday. School. Picked up Callan and then went into work a bit early to train with Troy on forms for a bit. I only worked for a little because then we had XMA practice. XMA went pretty well, I'm digging everything that we're doing so far and me and Joe's fight scene is gonna kick some ass! Haha. We're pretty pumped about it. Then I took all the Diesel kids over to find the gymnastics place (which we did) and then we got some Taco Hell. Yay, lol. We went through the drive thru and ate it in my car, lol. So then we went over to actually take the gymnastics. Since it was our first class it was really simple stuff, bridges, rolls, cartwheels and handstands, but they said it was just to determine our groups. I'm really excited about next week because then we're going to be working on other things. Yay :). After that, I took Brian, Callan, and Joe and we went to Stop & Shop and then to Trevor's birthday party. Lots of video games, dog attacks, ping pong tournys, hitting Brian in the nuts, picture taking, etc. It was surprisingly fun and everyone was really great :).

Saturday, Went to the karate school to bring things in for the Eller party. Then went home, watched movies, then went out with Scott. Drove him home from Monkeyhead and then we chilled. We talked for a long time about all the drama and bullshit going on between us. We kinda got really pissed at eachother, but then, finally, things managed to work out. Yay :). So then we just hung out and got food. I like food. Then I went home and went to sleep.

Today! Today was the Eller party, and that was nuts. 35 9-12 yr olds at a 2 hr gambling party? Quoi? Lol, but yeah. I ran the roulette table! I totally cleaned up the house. Haha. I'd be an awesome dealer apparently. I'm pretty frickin awesome at convincing kids to bet their money on my table. Haha. Yeah it was cute. The only problem was the BEASTCAKE which lets marks on my hands and are still there now. XD. Then we cleaned and I mopped and we sucked helium and ate candy and mopped eachothers feet and Joe threw a dirty cloth at people. Good times. Lol. But yeah. Then I came home and sat on my ass. Sweet!

Oh! I'm definitely going to Sacred Heart! My deopsit's going out tomorrowwwww <3.

Yay going to be a millionnnnnn dollars in debt!


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